EMBL purchases all goods and services it requires to fulfil its purposes according to its Procurement Rules. These rules ensure that the procurement process is transparent, traceable and guarantees equal treatment among companies.

Contracts or purchase orders are awarded to suppliers or service providers following a selective procurement procedure involving price enquiries or Invitations to Tender. Contracts and purchase orders are awarded to the supplier who makes the lowest price offer which complies with the contractual, technical, delivery and performance requirements.

It is a matter of principle that price enquiries and calls for tender are selective and do not take the form of an open invitation. As a fundamental rule, participation in procurement is open to all suppliers. The primary objective is to guarantee the principle of fair competition and fair access to EMBL’s procurement at all levels.

Most of the cases for limiting competition are generally recognised in procurement practice, namely if only one source exists for the supplies or services, if the procurement is the continuation of a previous activity, where there is particular operational urgency, or if protected intellectual property (patent) is held by only one firm.