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Nik Miller, Chief Executive of the Bridge Group and advisor to EMBL Alumni Relations

Nik Miller, Advisor to EMBL Alumni Relations

Nik Miller is Chief Executive of the Bridge Group and a partner at More Partnership. He has been commissioned recently to advise a wide range of institutions on alumni, corporate and government relations, including the Wellcome Trust, University of Oxford, Cabinet Office (the office of the British Prime Minister), KPMG, Centre for Genomic Regulation and, since 2017, EMBL. Nik is a Research Fellow at the University of York, a trustee of the Unite Foundation (currently disbursing over £9m to care leavers in higher education), a founding member of the CASE Research Committee and is widely published on the topic of diversity in higher education.

In his role as EMBL Alumni Relations advisor, Nik says, "EMBL's thoughtful, professional and committed approach to alumni relations is beginning to set the standard for peer institutions. There is more to do, however, and I am excited to continue supporting the team to realise its ambition to deliver world-class engagement."