Welcome to the EMBL alumni exhibition!

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The aim of this exhibition is to put faces to the alumni statistics, and to provide an impression of the diversity of the science careers our alumni pursue in the EMBL member states at all career levels from postdoctoral fellows to major science policy makers.

The current scientific work of a variety of our alumni are represented on these posters, which are organized alphabetically by member state. Countries with many alumni are presented on two to three posters, while those with fewer alumni have been grouped together as Scandinavia, Portugal & Spain, and new member states. The collection shows the diversity of alumni distribution around the world, from Germans in Australia and Finns in France to Greeks in the United Kingdom.

The posters contain images ranging from microscope tomograms, graphics and illustrations to visual metaphors. Each scientific image is accompanied by a brief biography and photograph of the scientist and a description of his/her selected image.

Institutes and companies with the largest alumni numbers are listed at the bottom of the posters.

This exhibition was put together by Freddy Frischknecht, Maj Britt Hansen and Mehrnoosh Rayner. We would like to thank all the exhibitors as well as Lena Raditsch, Petra Riedinger, Vienna Leigh, Udo Ringeisen, Marietta Schupp, Ellen Dearden and the Alumni Association board members for their contributions.

This exhibition was on permanent display at the top of the B helix in the EMBL ATC building in Heidelberg from 2010-2014.

NB: The images in this exhibition belong to the scientists who have contributed them, and should not be reproduced.