Who completed the survey?

  • 830 alumni completed the survey in December 2011.
  • The participants were representative of the composition of the alumni body by way of outstations, staff categories and functions: see who participated.
  • Your evaluation of EMBL, the Alumni Association and its services was overwhelmingly positive and your comments highly constructive, allowing us to make immediate changes, and to focus our resources for the coming year. See below what we have delivered already in response to your feedback.

Changes we've made based on your feedback:

1. More links to alumni institutes from the EMBL website:

  • Through the EMBL search engine you can now find all EMBL alumni (who are members of the Alumni Association), and link directly to their home pages (where they have provided a URL in their profile). To view more information on them (for example, their e-mail or EMBL details), simply click on the members directory link which appears with each search.
  • Through an alumni google map available on the right-hand side of the alumni pages, you can view the distribution of EMBL alumni around the world, and link to the institutes with largest alumni numbers (click on the pins in each country for more information).
  • Through our alumni job pages you can link directly to the  job pages of institutes with largest alumni numbers in the EMBL member states.

2. Better communication of career resources you asked for which we already offer.

3. A more prominent link from the alumni service page to the EMBL Shared Applicant Pool - your quick link to EMBL PhD applications.

Changes we'll make based on your feedback:

  • We will make more announcements via e-mail, instead of relying on the website.
  • We aim to organize more local and online events starting in 2013, and find another term for "local chapters", which many of you found unclear.
  • We will try to incorporate more direct information exchange between academia, industry and other types of employers in the events we organize, as well as the articles we print in the EMBL newsletter.
  • We will look into the possibilities of a platform by which alumni can advertise themselves, be screened as possible speakers or award candidates.