Make a difference

Whatever you did at EMBL, wherever you are in your career, your support can make a big difference to the ongoing success of the alumni network and EMBL. It has never been easier to get involved:

Strengthen the EMBL alumni network

Are you a member of the EMBL Alumni Association? Membership is not automatic, so please contact us to check your status. By becoming a member and keeping your membership profile up to date, you are visible and accessible to EMBL and its community.

Share with us your recent discoveries, awards or initiatives. Help us to acknowledge and celebrate your continuing success; harness the alumni network to promote your achievements, spark new collaborations, and inspire others.

Attend, host or help organise events for the alumni community. Throughout the year and around the world, EMBL alumni gather for local chapter meetings, reunions, and networking events – the perfect occasions to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and institutional affiliation.

Utilise EMBL Resources

From state-of-the-art facilities and services to world-leading training and events, you can access and promote EMBL resources that could make all the difference to yours and others’ career development and success.

Promote EMBL

Make your connection to EMBL visible: include your time at EMBL in your online biographies; add the EMBL logo to your social media profiles; don’t forget to credit EMBL for EMBL-related discoveries in interviews and statements.

Share and preserve your contribution to EMBL’s history with your stories and material contributions for the EMBL Archive. From photographs to unpublished work, the EMBL Archive is capturing the narrative of EMBL’s science, people and places.

Recommend EMBL as an international, family-friendly and collaborative work environment for scientists and other professionals at all levels. Stay informed of job opportunities at EMBL and share relevant calls within your network.

EMBL alumni are our best ambassadors. You can help generate a positive buzz about EMBL by keeping up to date with the latest news and developments, and helping to disseminate and generate online content via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Volunteer your time and expertise

Take on a volunteer role or project, be it hosting or oganising an event for EMBL, writing or interviewing on behalf of Alumni Relations, giving your time as a mentor, offering your expertise on a board or committee, or sharing your stories.

Support the Alumni Association and EMBL

Contribute to the EMBL Alumni Fund and support the costs incurred by the numerous activities of the EMBL Alumni Association in support of scientific exchange, collaboration and careers.

Learn about and contribute to fundraising activities at EMBL – philanthropic contributions to specific projects, initiatives and funds across EMBL are enabling progress in its purest form.

Thank you

Thank you to all EMBL alumni, staff, institutes and companies who have provided invaluable support to EMBL's Alumni Association since its foundation in 1999. The donor list shows all who have made a financial contribution to the EMBL Alumni Fund.