Board composition

The 12th Alumni Association board meeting on Monday 3rd November was the last to be attended by Angus Lamond, Chair of the Association since 2002. Angus welcomed newly elected board members and provided guidelines in selecting the next Chair and Deputy.

After the meeting, board members voted by e-mail for Giulio Superti-Furga as Chair and Niovi Santama as Deputy. Angus was delighted with this news and congratulated Giulio and Niovi, wishing them and the board good luck in taking the Alumni Association forward in future: "It was a privilege for me to have had the opportunity to work with the Alumni Association and many thanks again to everyone who helped with all of our activities over the past years," he wrote.

New board and their responsibilities

Working Groups

Board members agreed to serve on the following working groups:

Newsletter articles: Freddy, Annalisa, Anastasios, Giulio
Alumni website: Colin, Anastasios, Cedric, Anastasia, Giovanni
Alumni wiki: Giovanni, Colin, Anastasios, Cedric

Local Chapters: Maria del Mar, Anastasia, Claudia, Freddy, Annalisa, Oddmund
Reunion 2010: Giulio, Niovi, Freddy, Maria del Mar, Giovanni

Statutes: Giulio, Niovi, Bernard, Oddmund, Annalisa
Fundraising: Giulio, Niovi, Colin, Annalisa

If you have any issues relating to any of these items, please either contact Mehrnoosh Rayner at the EMBL Alumni Office, or one of the working group members directly.

John Kendrew Award Winner

The choice of a John Kendrew Award winner was, once again, very difficult because of the many excellent candidates who were proposed. After a long discussion, the board decided to make the award to Julius Brennecke, who everyone agreed was a very worthy winner. The board were aware that Julius works in the same field (i.e. microRNAs) as one of the former winners, Antonio Giraldez, and discussed at length the merits of selecting a different research area for this award. In this case however it was felt in the end that the outstanding achievements of Julius were the most important factor. Nonetheless, the board is keen to stress that the award in future will continue to be selected entirely on merit, irrespective of field or affiliation to any EMBL group and they encourage applications from candidates with achievements in science communication as well as research and methodology development. It was decided that in future applicants should be requested to outline their contributions to developing scientific methodology and to highlight efforts in the area of science communication.

Alumni Wiki

Board members accepted responsibility for the areas of the wiki listed below. If you would like to contribute to any of these areas, please either contact Mehrnoosh at the EMBL Alumni Office or one of the relevant board members directly. 

1. General

Life after EMBL Anastasios
Lab Management – PI perspective Angus
Lab Management – your staff Niovi

2. Country specific

Austria Anastasios
France Angus
Germany Niovi
Greece Niovi
Italy Niovi
Norway Niovi
Portugal and Spain Niovi
Spain Niovi
Sweden Niovi
Switzerland Niovi
UK Niovi

New members

Since the last board meeting on 25th February 2008, 129 alumni have joined the Association. The board were delighted to see that alumni are joining from all EMBL units and from very varied leaving dates, as detailed below: 129 new members were in the following EMBL Units:

Structural & Computational Biology 33
Developmental Biology 19
Cell Biology 18
Gene Expression 18
EMBL-EBI Hinxton 10
Directors' Research 6
Administration 5
Core Facilities 5
EMBL Hamburg 4
Instrumentation 4
EMBL Grenoble 2
International Relations 1
EMBL Monterotondo 1

129 new members left EMBL in:

2008 45
2008-2007 42
1990's 33
1980's 4

Local chapter up-dates

Mehrnoosh reported on the success of the EMBL Swedish mobility event.
See outcome

Mehrnoosh announced the 4th Local Chapter meeting in Spain, which will be attended by Christian Boulin as the EMBL speaker.
See Programme

Matti Saraste memorial up-date

The board approved slight modifications to the design of the Matti Saraste memorial courtyard to cut costs. The design is within budget.

Farewell to Angus 

The Alumni Association board, as well as Matthias Hentze and Iain Mattaj (on behalf of EMBL) thanked Angus at the board dinner for his fantastic work in running the Association. Thanks Angus!