30th EMBL Alumni Association board meeting


On 2 February 2018, the EMBL Alumni Association board gathered at EMBL-EBI for their 30th meeting.

The agenda included updates on key EMBL activities including alumni relations, the alumni volunteer programme, resource development and the archive.  There were also wide-ranging discussions about potential new initiatives including proposals for commemorating Fotis Kafatos, EMBL’s 3rd Director General who passed away in late 2017.

Key decisions made at the board meeting included the selection of the 2018 John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson Award recipients.  The awards ceremony will take place during EMBL Lab Day in Heidelberg on Friday 20 July 2018.

In addition, Nik Miller, formal advisor to EMBL Alumni Relations since February 2017, presented the ingredients of world-class alumni relations.  Rolf Apweiler, Director of EMBL-EBI, provided an update on current and upcoming developments at EMBL-EBI.

The meeting included a tour of the EMBL-EBI campus and incubator units where the genomes of cancer patients are currently being mapped for the NHS, and was followed by a drinks reception with EMBL staff and alumni.

The next EMBL Alumni Association board meeting will be held at EMBL Heidelberg on Friday 20 July 2018.