Grand opening of the extension to the Monterotondo mouse facility, 2003

2019 - Final stages of planning for the laboratory renovation.

2019 - EMBL Rome celebrates its 20th anniversary.

2018 - Refurbishment of the campus canteen.

2017 - Memorandum of understanding signed with Sapienza University of Rome for joint PhD awards.

2017 - First annual ‘Summer in Science’ programme launched with Adamas Scienza.

2017 - Change of research focus: Mouse Biology Unit becomes Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit; site changes its name from EMBL Monterotondo to EMBL Rome.

2016 - First annual ‘EMBL in Italy’ alumni event held at Sapienza University of Rome.

2014 - Three of the Unit’s group leaders obtain European Research Council funding (Cornelius Gross, Donal O’Caroll, and Rocio Sotillo).

2012 - Nadia Rosenthal leaves EMBL; Phil Avner takes over as Head of Unit.

2010 - The Italian National Research Council (CNR) purchases the Adriano Buzzati-Traverso Campus site from oil and gas company Eni.

2004 - Genome Expression Core Facility founded (now the Genetic and Viral Engineering Facility), headed by Jeanette Rientjes; later by Philip Hublitz and currently by Jim Sawitzke.

2003 - Opening of the new animal facility.

2002 - Transgenic Facility founded (now the Gene Editing and Embryology Facility), headed by Jakki Kelly-Barrett; later by José Gonzales, Pedro Moreira, Neil Dear, and currently by Neil Humphreys.

2001 - Klaus Rajewsky leaves EMBL; Nadia Rosenthal takes over as Coordinator of the Mouse Biology Programme.

1999 - Host site agreement signed (29 June); ratified by the Italian Parliament in 2001.

1999 - Official opening of the EMBL Monterotondo site (8 March).

1997 - Founding of EMBL Monterotondo on the Adriano Buzzati-Traverso Campus.

1996 - Klaus Rajewsky takes up the post of Coordinator of the Mouse Biology Programme.

1994 - EMBL Council and Director General Fotis Kafatos commit to establishing a Mouse Biology Programme in Monterotondo, with four research groups.