EMBL Rome entrance

The EMBL Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit based in Monterotondo (Rome), Italy, has become established as a basic research centre of excellence and innovation in mouse genetics and functional genomics. It captures new opportunities and applications of mouse genetic manipulation. Alliances with other European academic research and clinical centres have established EMBL Rome as a hub for the international mouse research network which exploits applications of mouse genetic manipulation to biomedical problems.


Research objectives at EMBL Rome include:

  • Rapid expansion of basic research activities through faculty recruitment and infrastructural re-organisation. Emerging foci on neurobiology and behaviour, regenerative biology and biomedical applications.

  • Innovations in high-throughput technology for genomic, proteomic and imaging analysis of mutant models.

  • Continued refinement of conditional and inducible gene regulation to provide more accurate models of human pathologies.

Facilities and services

  • Advanced transgenic and knockout genotyping

  • Mouse pathology services

  • High-throughput gene expression

  • Histological analysis

  • FACs analysis

  • Imaging/confocal microscopy

  • Monoclonal antibodies


EMBL Rome has alliances with neighbouring facilities in the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) and the Italian National Research council (CNR) groups. Those collaborations reflect EMBL Rome’s longstanding tradition of transmitting new information and expertise.