Science is global and EMBL is engaged in relations with numerous institutions in its member states and beyond. International relations are fostered and maintained at a political, institutional and scientific level in Europe and worldwide.

EMBL is owned and governed by its members, who provide financial support and decide on its strategic direction. Therefore, maintaining close relations and dialogue with the scientific communities and government representatives in member states, associate and prospect member states are of key importance to EMBL.

Beside these interactions, we also lead EMBL’s engagement with the European Union’s institutions and other European Intergovernmental Research Organisations, in particular those represented in EIROforum.


  • Provides political advice and expertise to the Director General;
  • Is responsible for shaping and implementing the international and European relations strategy of EMBL at a political and science policy level;
  • Develops and supports cooperation with member states, prospect member states and associate member states, for which it interacts with governments, national science policy agencies and national research institutes;
  • Shapes and implements new strategies for engagement with potential new member states and their actors;
  • Develops, oversees and implements the EMBL’s Partnership Programme;
  • Coordinates EMBL’s relations with the European Commission and other EU institutions and influences science policy on a European and international level by ensuring EMBL’s voice is heard by relevant decision-makers;
  • Represents EMBL in, and manages relations with, EIROforum.