10-12 November 2000, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Keynote Lecture
Session I


From Science to Society
Lewis Wolpert, Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, University College London, UK


Case studies
A retrospective on specific issues where the checks and balances that are in place have worked and/or failed


From Pan to pandemic: HIV and AIDS
Robin Weiss, University College London, UK


The Saga of BSE
John Collinge, Imperial College, London, UK


Risk studies
Theory and practice


Why framing processes in risk science are important: but still neglected
Brian Wynne, Lancaster University, UK


Framing public perceptions of risk: agricultural GMOs in Europe
Claire Marris, University of Versailles, France


Panel discussion: how to restore public trust in science
Maynard Olson (Chair), University of Washington, USA
Beate Weber, Lady Major of Heidelberg, Germany
Tom Wilkie, Wellcome Trust, UK
Julian Kinderlerer , Sheffield University, UK
Orla Smith, Science, USA
Maurizio Iaccarino, International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Italy

Session II


Medical uses of genetic information: gene therapy, prenatal diagnostics, and population genetics
Jens Reich (Chair), Max-delbrück-Centrum, Germany


From the sequence of our genes to medical utility
Andrea Ballabio, TIGEM, Italy


The social costs of better disease treatments
Peter Goodfellow, Smith-Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, UK


Genetic research and common diseases
Kari Stefánsson, deCode Genetics, Iceland

Session III


On human genome projects: uses and abuses
John Collinge (Chair), Imperial College London, UK


The genomic turn: is the genome the new name of the soul?
Alexandre Mauron, University of Geneva


Debating human identity: institutional commitments and consequences
Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University, USA


The human genome project: a scientist's view of what went right and what went wrong
Maynard Olson, University of Washington, USA


Past and future of behavioural genetics
Benno Müller-Hill, University of Cologne, Germany


Panel discussion: public understanding of genetic information
Alastair Kent (Chair), Genetic Interest Group, UK
Barbara Cohen, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, USA
Jean Louis Mandel, IGBMC, France
Alexandre Mauron, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Vivienne Parry, BBC, UK


Presentation of GEOD journalism award for Human Genetics

Session IV



Biotechnology, bio-industry, bio-business
Charles Kurland (Co-Chair), BMC, Sweden and Chris Leaver (Co-Chair), Oxford University, UK


Business with biotech: Europe vs. USA reality vs. wishful thinking
Friedrich von Bohlen, lion Bioscience AG, Germany


Biotechnology at the beginning of the third millennium: facts and global trends
Manfred Kern, Aventis, Germany


Antibiotics for the 21st century
Julian Davies, University of British Colombia, Canada


Defending animal use in biotechnology
Alan Colman, PPL Therapeutics


Panel discussion: biotechnology and its discontents
Julian Kinderlerer (Chair), Sheffield University, UK
Hans-Jürg Rheinberger, MPI History of Science, Germany
Mark Cantley, European Commission, Belgium
Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University, USA
Stefan Flothmann, Greenpeace, Germany
David Dickson, Nature, UK


Science in the spotlight
Julian Kinderlerer (Chair), Sheffield University, UK


Science in theater: an historical account
Ivo Schneider, Bundeswehr Universität, Munich, Germany


Science in theater
Carl Djerassi, Stanford University, USA