19 February: EMBL Annual Reception

You are cordially invited to the EMBL Reception in the double helix of EMBL’s Advanced Training Centre. Meet representatives of our directorate, EMBL employees and other Friends of EMBL. A traditional Friends of EMBL Lecture will introduce you to another exciting life sciences topic, thus complementing this special event.

 Business Friends of EMBL Brunch


On the first Sunday of pre-Christmas season, we willinvite the Business Friends of EMBL to a cosy brunch. On the spectacular premises of the EMBL Heidelberg campus, you and your employees or business partners can enjoy a comprehensive program for the whole family. Hear from EMBL scientists how they unravel the secrets of life and enjoy the breathtaking view from our Rooftop Lounge in a relaxed atmosphere.

EMBL Science Movie Night


The next Hollywood science fiction classic under the critical magnifying glass of EMBL scientists! Can you distinguish between reality and fiction? Talk to each other and be there to unravel the science behind the mystery.

15 July: EMBL PhD Lunch

(virtual meeting)

Our PhD students invite you for a virtual lunch. A group of pre-docs from various EMBL research departments look forward to sharing with you some of their successes and challenges in everyday life at EMBL by showcasing their current research projects. This is your best chance at a truly authentic EMBL experience.

EMBL Benefit Gala

(postponed to 2021)

Once every two years, EMBL puts on its finest dress and invites you to an evening full of scientific highlights, engaging entertainment and inspiring company. Participation in this event is by invitation only.

4-5 November: Science & Society Conference

(virtual meeting)

The annual Science and Society Conferences take place at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre and addresses the impact of scientific findings and trends on an individual and society. For these events, EMBL invites researchers from many different disciplines from all over the world to discuss relevant aspects of EMBL research for a non-scientifically trained audience. This year’s title reads: “Our House is Burning: Scientific & Societal Responses to Mass Extinction.”

11 December: EMBL Insight Lecture

(virtual meeting)

Once a year, EMBL scientists give a lecture that is specifically tailored to a young audience. Topics embrace current EMBL research projects from life sciences, which are presented in interactive and engaging ways.

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