The Friends of EMBL initiative is an entry portal for the interested public and a diverse and international group of life science aficionados. As a world-leading research institute, EMBL is a recognised centre of excellence and a birthplace of dazzling scientific discoveries that have shaped our understanding of life and will go on to change the future of medicine. We invite you to become a Friend of EMBL, to be a part of these extraordinary achievements and to directly impact the future of the life sciences.

Three Good Reasons for Joining

Three good reasons to join the Friends of EMBL

The life sciences will catalyse next-generation technologies, revolutionising medicine and health care. As a Friend of EMBL, you are actively contributing to these innovative forces.

EMBL is a world-leading research institute and Europe’s premier driver of research technology and innovation in the life sciences. As a Friend of EMBL, you join this circle of excellence.

The breadth of EMBL’s research is unique. Your support will help EMBL to unleash even more of the outstanding creativity and expertise of its scientists for the benefit of humanity.

The difference you will make

The difference you will make

The potential of the life sciences is just beginning to emerge: already, six out of ten pharmaceuticals sold worldwide are developed through molecular techniques. By joining the Friends of EMBL you extend the impact of your support into realms far beyond the successes of an individual researcher or lab. Insights from the life sciences can affect the lives of millions; your support will truly change the world, not for just a fleeting moment but in a sustained, long-term way.

FoE Membership Options

In the circle of Friends

Friends of EMBL join with EMBL scientists in their quest to unravel the remaining mysteries of life. With your annual donation of €1,000 or more, you are supporting EMBL researchers in their search for answers to elementary questions about how life functions. These answers will be essential for developing new diagnostics and therapies for ailments and diseases that are currently impervious to medical treatment.

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