There are several ways to make a long-term strategic impact with your support:


You can support us financially

The Laboratory’s research is funded by our member states. Still, our funds are finite. Your support increases our ability to pursue important scientific questions and maximise our contribution to progress in biology and medicine. You can make a difference by joining the Friends of EMBL or by donating to one of our programmes or research initiatives. Or simply donate here.


You can advocate for EMBL

Although EMBL’s reputation is firmly established among scientists, it is not so well known in other segments of society. By familiarising yourself with EMBL’s major research initiatives – for example, by subscribing to our newsletter or by attending our public events – and speaking positively about EMBL, you are making a valuable contribution.


You can mobilise your networks

Every person has a network, and in every network there are decision makers and influencers whose advocacy or support could make a big difference. Supporters have, for example, activated their networks by inviting their friends to events that they host on EMBL’s behalf, or by facilitating contacts to people in their networks. Speak to us if you are interested to host an event.


You can support us with your expertise

Although EMBL’s expertise in life science research is exceptional, there are many other areas in which your expertise could make a difference. A large laboratory like EMBL, which is active at six different sites in five different countries, deals with a myriad practical and administrative challenges. For example, supporters have donated personnel placement services for people taking the next step in their career. If you would like to donate a skill or expertise in a very specific area, please let us know


You can establish a legacy at EMBL

You may have reached a point in your life at which you are considering your long-term legacy. We encourage you to include EMBL in your considerations, and see the benefits of your support during your lifetime.