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Despite numerous initiatives towards combating gender inequalities all over the world, women remain to occupy only approx. 25% of research positions in science and engineering. Furthermore, even though in life sciences women university enrollment is relatively high, their participation decreases as they go further along a researcher career path, with only a small fraction reaching decision-making faculty positions at a higher level.

Being aware of this global context, EMBL has always been placing a great emphasis on providing a supportive working environment for men and women alike. We strongly believe that “equality is part of quality” in sciences, as gender balance allows for the realization of the full potential amongst the best scientific talents. Therefore, next to ensuring the best working conditions on the institutional level, in 2019 EMBL has launched a focus project for “Advancement of Women in Science”, to nurture the talent of women as they advance in their scientific careers towards leadership positions.

Help us to launch a Mentoring Program

As part of this endeavor, we would like to launch a mentoring program for female postdocs. This would entail a series of meetings, coaching and trainings, where experienced mentors will provide guidance, empowerment and inspiration. We need funding to bring this important initiative to life. Every donation – 10€, 100€, 1000€ will make a big difference. With your help we can make it possible! Join forces with us to inspire and empower women and to effectively combat inequalities within academia.

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Destination: Advancement of Women in Science


The mission of this initiative implemented with the EMBL’s Equality and Diversity Committee, is to conduct, support and encourage networking and mentoring of female researchers within EMBL and be a model for other academic institutions. It aims to inspire and empower women and to effectively promote best practices for combating inequalities.

With your donation to this project you support equality in scientific research through nurturing and assisting female talents. Join EMBL, a leading research institution in life sciences, and contribute to a better future where gender inequalities belong to the past! Help shaping the world that is driven by fairness, collaboration, creativity and support; a world where there is equal access to education and work, and where career in research is due to nothing else but scientific excellence!