Latest EMBL news and press releases involving bioinformatics research:

Heidelberg, 4 September 2013
It's not just noise
EMBL scientists discern key gene expression patterns in the human genome

Heidelberg, Hinxton, Hamburg, 14 May 2013
But what does it do?
Most complete database to date of human phosphatases and their substrates

Hinxton, 23 January 2013
EMBL-EBI researchers make DNA storage a reality
Every film and TV programme ever created - in a teacup

Heidelberg, 5 December 2012
My microbes
Our gut bacteria’s collection of genomes is unique, and remains stable over time

Heidelberg/Hinxton, 31 October 2012
Spot the difference
First combined map of genetic variation at different scales

Hinxton, 5 September 2012
Fast forward for biomedical research
Massive DNA encyclopedia scraps the junk

Heidelberg, 3 August 2012
How the cell swallows
3D movie at ‘ultraresolution’ shows how cell’s machinery bends membrane inwards

Hinxton, 19 July 2012
Of flies and men
What 10 000 fruit flies have to tell us about differences between the sexes

Hinxton, 22 April 2012
A matter of priorities
Bacteria evolved way to safeguard crucial genetic material

Heidelberg, 28 February 2012
Making the most of what you have
Bacterium fine-tunes proteins for enhanced functionality

Heidelberg, 19 January 2012
Rigged to explode?
Inherited mutation links exploding chromosomes to cancer

Hinxton, 12 January 2012
Evolution by 'copy-paste'
Study provides new insights into an ancient mechanism of mammalian evolution

Heidelberg, 21 July 2011
A hot species for cool structures
Complex proteins in 3D thanks to simple heat-loving fungus

Heidelberg, 20 April 2011
What's your gut type?
Gut bacteria could help with diagnostics and influence treatments

Heidelberg, 6 March 2011
Suggesting genes' friends, facebook-style
New method reveals genes’ combined effects