In-house bioinformatics training

Linux command line course being taught in the EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Training on a range of bioinformatics-related topics is available for EMBL scientists. Recent courses, open to EMBL scientists only, have included:

  • Introductory statistics with R and Bioconductor
  • Biomolecular network analysis using Cytoscape
  • Introductory and intermediate linux command line
  • Mathematical modelling of biology with MatLab

EMBL also hosts bioinformatics-related courses open to scientists across the world; recently these have included:

In addition, EMBL scientists are involved in organising and teaching in bioinformatics courses across the world, including:

In addition to the courses mentioned above, the EMBL-EBI delivers a wide range of bioinformatics training courses.

Many internal courses have been provided by the EMBL Bio-IT project and the EMBL Centres; follow the links below to learn more about these projects.