The Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF) in the Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit at EMBL Rome offers researchers an efficient and reliable personalized flow cytometric service. The FCF provides instrumentation, education, and expertise for all flow cytometry needs and we encourage you to explore our services.

The FCF is equipped with an Attune NxT benchtop analyzer, an ARIA cell sorter, an iCell8 multiomics instrument, and a Bioplex ELISA reader.  After basic training, all analyzers are available for use directly by the investigators. A wide range of applications, including multicolor cell immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, intracellular signaling analysis, cytokine production, gene reporter assays, single cell cloning, gene expression analysis, etc, may be performed. The FCF is available for use by outside groups on a special basis (please contact us for information).

Services provided

The FCF staff offers assistance with:

  • Experimental design and sample preparation for specific applications.
  • Selection and setting up of the required instrument.
  • Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of the data, including graphic presentation for publication.
  • Cell sorting.

We also provide personalized instructions and training on the instruments and flow cytometry, experimental troubleshooting, and scientific advice, always collaborating with the researchers to provide adapted solutions to their specific needs.