The Genetic & Viral Engineering Facility at EMBL Rome provides DNA targeting constructs primarily for the generation of genetically modified mice.

We assemble large-sized DNA constructs not using conventional cloning but rather alter DNA molecules by homologous recombination based on the lambda Red/ET recombination system, a DNA engineering technique that was termed “Recombineering”. Hereby, recombination occurs through user-defined homology regions so that any position of a target DNA molecule can be altered without having to rely on restriction endonucleases and even without leaving unwanted sequences.

Main activities of the Genetic & Viral Engineering Facility comprise the design and generation of targeting constructs for general and conditional knockout or knock-in strategies, the construction of custom-defined transgenic cassettes, and the engineering of large BAC transgenic constructs. We provide experience in the conceptual design of the targeting construct and subsequently perform the actual engineering. As a source of genomic DNA we use human and mouse BAC clones, and besides our collection of pre-assembled cassettes containing selectable markers we offer the service to also construct custom-made insertion cassettes.