With the growth of the EMBL Rome campus in Monterotondo both in terms of groups and numbers of staff members working on the campus, we recognised a need for specified services to assist the scientists to better achieve success. We currently host five services: the Flow Cytometry Facility, the Genome Engineering Service, the Histology Service, the Transgenic Facility and the Microscopy Facility.

EMBL has always been at the forefront of technology development because of the close collaboration between researchers and engineering staff which allows the development of tools that serve the constantly changing needs of science.

The recently established Flow Cytometry Facility provides equipment access, as well as technical and scientific support to EMBL research groups for the analysis of a variety of mouse models. With more than 10,000 analyses and 400 experiments performed per year, the facility assists scientists at every stage, from project planning and experimental design, to data collection, analysis and publication.

The Genetic & Viral Engineering Facility provides DNA targeting constructs primarily for downstream mice work. This service does not use conventional cloning exercises but rather alters the DNA molecules by homologous recombination (Red/ET recombination).

The Gene Editing & Embryology Facility was established to offer the EMBL institutes and European scientific community the opportunity to expand the research into mouse models. Specific services offered are the production of transgenic mice, rederivations, creation of knock-out mice, and the cryopreservation of new mouse strains.

The Microscopy Facility provides equipment access together with expertise in Light & Electron Microscopy, starting from sample preparation to image analysis. Its activities cover a broad variety of biological samples ranging from cells in monolayer to organotipic cultures, spheroids and tissues.